Engineering Scholarships

Engineering is the most popular education field all over the world. Every year, more than fifty million students graduate to become engineers in the major countries across the world. To get an idea of engineering scholarships, check out this University of Connecticut video:

The staggering number manifests the scope the field has to offer. Realizing the importance of a career in engineering and the impact it has generated across the world, many research organizations and scholarship agencies have catered to the financial needs of students and lessen their burden of bearing the expenses for engineering aspirants.

Especially for students who are not native to the US, many agencies have come forward and offered scholarships to the meritorious ones. The money spent on engineering in any top college would cost a fortune but this fact has taken an unprecedented turn with top colleges themselves associating with scholarship agencies to assist meritorious students and giving them the opportunity of realizing their dream.

There are different scholarship agencies that extend scholarships to students based on their merit. Merits are usually ascertained by performances in high school and the scores obtained in SATs and their GPA. Colleges and universities also consider offering scholarships primarily on these lines and extend a percentage reduction of the course fee on the basis of scores in relevant examinations.

Apart from merit, economic background, minority status and other special preferences such as children of military veterans and those with physical disabilities.  For those of you who are looking out for grants and scholarships that would help you fund your engineering studies, here are a few agencies that would come of tremendous help.

AACE international Competitive Scholarships

The AACE International Competitive scholarship is a very renowned scholarship that is rewarded to students pursuing courses in any field of engineering. The scholarship accounts for the entire cost of the Engineering course and is purely based on merit. Just know that Excellence in Education makes Excellent Schools. 

The number of students who are rewarded with this scholarship varies every year. But, the element of bearing the full educational cost is not a privilege that all students enjoy. Although the scholarship is known for granting assistance in funding the entire course, the normal range of amount granted is between $2,000 to $8,000. Again, these figures are purely based on merit.

Edward S Roth Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to students who have maintained a GPA of 3.0 to 4.0 throughout their student career. This is given to students seeking a master’s degree in engineering. The scholarship though is not extended to students who are not citizens of the US. The amount of money granted as scholarship depends on merit.

ANS Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is extended to students who are pursuing a course in nuclear engineering or nuclear science. On the basis of merit, the amount is ascertained and at times, students could enjoy the benefit of being granted the entire course fee. The scholarship is usually confined to US citizens and approximately twenty-five students receive this scholarship every year.

ASDO Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students who are enrolled in a full-time graduate engineering program. The applicant must be a citizen of the United States and the scholarship usually caters to the financial needs of students who are pursuing a career in Thermal Engineering, Hydraulics engineering and mechanical engineering. For students who evince interest in these lines, the scholarship, depending on merit, could amount to the entire course fees. Also, the scholarship demands students to write an essay on a particular topic and submit it to the agency.

Detroit Section SAE Technical Scholarship

This scholarship, though it includes funding of the entire course fee, requires the student to be a first relative of the SAE Detroit section. The scholarship is applicable for students who are seeking a career in Engineering, Law or medicine. The number of students being awarded this scholarship differs and annually, an approximate ten students are given grants and financial assistance.

Remember, there are scholarships, there is recognition, there is success, and there is satisfaction only where there is merit, and there is merit where there is hard work. When student life is defined by the terms where hard work is the way of life and merit is the aspiration, scholarships will just reduce to becoming a normal aspect in pursuing a career in not just engineering, but in any field.

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